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16 March 1999 sit back, relax and cringe as we take you on a whirlwind musical journey through those songs that topped the charts, but for some reason they just don't play on the oldies stations. It's the era that time forgot and you wish you could too, the Seventies! "Her name was Lola..."
-- from the University of Maryland Generics' "The Seventies: Then and Forever" medley on their great 1993 album "will sing for food". Arranged by Wilson Miller.

Show's over -- yay, I get my life back! Oh wait, the ancient mail server's having coughing fits? Hacking up job controller crashes? Doh! Guess I still won't be catching up for a while yet...

Stumbled onto, a magazine subscription-selling site. Interesting interface; it actually made getting around pretty convenient in my session. The site shows pre-chewed recommendations -- 'if you like that, you might like these' -- without bothering to track an individual's browsing or ordering history. I think that makes good sense for a low-repeat business like this (the user buys something today and won't need to buy it again for 12 months, plus you're dealing with a pool of <300 products - why make it complicated?).

The software they're using wasn't obvious to me from the visual interface or the URL; turns out it's Vignette's StoryServer, according to the HTML source. Didn't know their system did e-commerce too. (It still produces gibberish for URLs though. Two demerits!)

Spent a hunk of time tonight redoing all the graphics for this site in the 30-day Macromedia Fireworks demo, trying to give a better 3D look to the buttons and make the font (80% compressed Techno, an Apple system font) less blurry. In particular, compare the new front page with the old one (I like subtly beveled text, if it's not obvious). Let me know if you have a strong reaction (+ or -) to the revisions...

I repeat my initial evaluation of Fireworks - it's very good. I'm going to buy it once the demo runs out.

I've been hearing about Microsoft Office security holes for a while now but haven't paid much attention -- yesterday, MacInTouch put up some real-live examples from documents sitting on Microsoft's own public web site plus some readers' own experiences... This looks pretty scary.

  • Office 98 Security Hole Samples [MacInTouch]

    I picked a simple file that only had my business letterhead and address info and business tax id numbers that I had to give to our bank recently. // When looking at the file in CanOpener I was astonished to find that the file had information from other files containing my credit card numbers and personal information about myself and my family.

    After reading your section on Word privacy issues, I opened up a paper I wrote last week in BBEdit. In addition to a bunch of paths on my machine (which is somewhat understandable) i found addresses of all the sites I had visited that night

Gee, good thing I do practically no writing in a traditional word processor any more...all my authoring is in HTML. (Unsolicited plug: BBEdit continues to rule for HTML work and all-around usefulness.)

Microsoft's products aren't the only ones with this problem, but how many people post raw PageMaker files on the net?

Went to get some film developed yesterday at CPI Fox Photo. Guess what, they don't exist anymore. They've been swallowed up by Wolf Camera. Interesting mental image -- wolf devouring a fox.

The U of Maryland Generics have 30-second mp3 sample audio files Here's the specific one quoted above.

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