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9 March 1999

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
-- Albert Einstein

Peter Gabriel's new album, coming out in the year mumble mumble, will be named Up. REM's latest album is also named Up. This could have caused some conflict, but fortunately both parties are cool:

  • Album, What Album? [Realworld]
    Mike Mills said "There is no one else we would rather be sharing a title with than our friend Peter Gabriel."

    Peter Buck continues, "We first considered calling our album, 'Peter Gabriel's Up', but decided that just 'Up' [was] the way to go. We hope in the future that all bands will also adopt this title in a showing of solidarity."

Okay, what's wrong with this actual, unretouched (okay, so I added a drop shadow...) MacOS 8.5.1 screenshot? Somewhere, I hear a "Doh!"

I've been pretty unimpressed by the ads for Office Space, but the reviews I've encountered make me think I might like it:

  • You Need 15 Pieces of Flair by Jon Carroll [SF Gate, seen on Windowseat]
    This is the modern world, where merely following the rules is a sign of surliness. You must want to please. You must enjoy working overtime for no pay. You must accept whatever strange management idea is being promoted this week, and you must promote it yourself, even if no one understands it.

Useless trivia: I saw Ron Livingston, star of the film, perform in Godspell in Cedar Rapids, IA in 1980-something. The following year I acted in Joseph & the Amazing Etc. with his little brother John (who appeared in Mr. Wrong). Guess I'm only three degrees from Jennifer Aniston, then...

Headline on Yahoo: US again bombs Iraqi sites. I've seen it so much that it no longer even registers in my head. We're on a killing spree, and it's become background noise.

I went a long, long time without receiving any 'make-money-fast' spam. It's coming back...two annoying ones in a week. This, of course, prompts me to once again recommend that any & all Internet users visit The MMF Hall of Humiliation at least once.

(I just noticed they redesigned to be MUCH less user-friendly, though - who cares about the web awards enough to make them the most prominent features of your main page? And why is all the content at least two levels down in? Anyway, go straight to the Feature of the Week for a good sense of what they do.)

Oh yeah, I got my new, blue Power Macintosh G3. Very happy. More thorough commentary someday.

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