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11 March 1999

"He's a VP now. He got promoted."
"He didn't get promoted. Everyone else just left."

-- from Carl Steadman's home page,

Now...This: What's wrong with 'Indian Red'? Crayola's being craven.

Are you or will you be in the Chicago area? Do you like comedy? Check out the hilarious new show written by Ben Winters (of Wash U fame), Circus Music. I saw a sneak preview/test run of it down here in STL a few weeks ago, and I give it a big thumbs up. Ben's a very funny guy, and so is his versatile cast of three.

It runs March 12 - April 16 at The Playground, so you've got plenty of chances to see it. Details available at Metromix

The Trailer Menace: The second and last trailer for Episode One is out. Grab it in QuickTime in any of three different sizes at It's great.

Also, check out the one-sheet poster [StarWars] for the film. Most excellent.

(I like that the young Anakin is blond; combats the good=blond, bad=brunette stereotype a little.)

Self-promotion department... This coming weekend here in St. Louis, the Washington University Opera Dept. is doing Lee Hoiby's Summer and Smoke, based on the Tennessee Williams play. I play Dr. John Buchanan, Sr. (father of the male lead). It runs only this Friday night (3/12), Saturday night (3/13) and Sunday afternoon (3/14) in Bixby Hall on the WU campus. Ticket info is available from the Edison Theater Box Office at 314-935-6543.

Note: Like George Clooney in The Thin Red Line, I'm only on for an eensy bit. It's a good show and I recommend seeing it; just don't expect to see much of me.

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