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18 March 1999

We each have the capacity for a sorrowful gray life, and each have the capacity to love and be loved, and it's passion that turns us away from the first and toward the second, a primal urge toward beauty and color and music and laughter.
-- Garrison Keillor

So what does MacOS X Server (released Tuesday) actually look like in practice?

MacOS frosting with NextSTEP filling...mmmm...

Mr. Blue (Garrison Keillor) is back with more extremely quotable advice:

  • Dear Mr. Blue/Lovers and Writers [Salon]

    A mood of defeat is hard to shake, but don't let it become habitual, a part of your disposition, or else when you're 82 and full of piss and vinegar, in love with some 75-year-old guy, out dancing till dawn, you'll look back and wonder, "Why did I waste my late 50s in self-pity?"

    You never know what people take away from a reading -- it may be one image or one line or one story that sticks with them and becomes part of their dream life and changes ever so slightly the way they feel about their oatmeal. Don't worry about how the audience is taking it. Just deliver the goods, and at the end say thank you and sit down.'re not in any way responsible for this man's choices. You're also not responsible for figuring him out.

    So he got a little excited when you mentioned marriage. It's an exciting subject.

    Loneliness is a habit, and it's not easily broken -- the lack of contact breeds fear of contact -- but it's easier to break it than to live with it. You simply manage to get out of the woods and come to town.

It's all good. Check it out.

New, good Carol Lay (though I'm unclear where the title fits in):


  • Most smokers don't think they have higher disease risk [CNN]
    In general, people 65 or older, those who did not graduate from high school, and light smokers (those who smoke 1-19 cigarettes a day), were less likely to see an increased personal health risk than younger people, more educated people, and heavy smokers.

This isn't made up, I've seen it happen:

I've started the next batch of interface changes here (on the left), trying to provide easier access to recent stuff as well as provide more links to nearby log entries on the archive pages. In addition, I've changed the Amazon sponsor spot to enable searches directly from here. Comments welcome.

book cover photo A while ago, RobotWisdom had this pointer to some excerpts from Terry Gilliam's new book, Gilliam on Gilliam (coming out in May). Some choice quotes:
  • The life of Gilliam [Telegraph]

    I chose the [Monty Python] theme music. Roger Last at the BBC kept bringing in different music, and there was an album of Sousa marches, which I've always loved. When I heard Liberty Bell, I knew that was it: it made a great start, just bouncing along.

    On The Holy Grail, within two weeks of the first shot, the National Trust took away all the castles we'd chosen. Their line was that they feared we wouldn't respect the dignity of the fabric of the buildings. // These were places where the most awful tortures had been practised, where terrible crimes had been committed, and now they were going to collapse because some comedians had come along.

    [on Life of Brian] We worked very hard not to blaspheme ... yes, Jesus is up there giving the Sermon on the Mount, and it's the guys at the back who are getting it wrong. I thought we were really clever about this, but we still got lambasted.

    I'm sure I did the right thing, originally, getting away from America, coming to England and working completely outside the Hollywood system. But now that I've allowed myself to put one foot back in, I'm really torn between these two worlds. And it's the English or European side that's flagging, because I'm so determined to prove to Hollywood that things they don't believe in are possible.

It looks excellent for Monty Python fans and for people who like his movies (I'm both). I'm going to be getting it myself. If you're interested too:

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