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23 March 1999

"And the losers aren't..."
-- Steve Martin announcing an Oscar

Watched the Oscars a different way this year -- saw up to the first award (best supporting actor James Coburn), then watched a rented movie, then switched back to the Oscars. That way I got to see the most interesting parts and skipped some pretty awful ones, or so I hear (the dance number in particular has been pretty universally panned).

I switched back right when Peter Gabriel was singing. It was nice to catch a glimpse of him; haven't seen him in a long time.

I'm sorry I missed the Benigni, Carrey & Dame Judi Dench moments, but it's a small price to pay to avoid nearly two hours of blah. I heard enough summaries and quotes afterwards to get the gist of it.

Apparently, They Might Be Giants are coming to Wash U's spring WILD (the end-of-year party). I'll have to see if I can get in as a guest. :)

CNN film reviewer Paul Tatara bares his critical fangs in his slashing of 'The Other Sister':

  • Reviewer doesn't fall for 'The Other Sister' [CNN]
    [Director Garry] Marshall (who also co-scripted) writes in rootin'-tootin' bold-strokes that seldom leave his actors room for something as anachronistic as subtlety. Everybody in the movie possesses exactly one overriding characteristic, and they're repeatedly forced to wield that characteristic as little more than a scene-provoking prod. The actors seldom interact with any nuance; they just jab each other into either (a.) long hugs or (b.) huge arguments. This is first-class hack filmmaking.

I hadn't been strongly considering going anyway; guess I won't.

Seen on Windowseat a few weeks ago (hey, I'm trying to clear out some old stuff here), a hilarious thought experiment:

  • Welcome Home... To MSNBCBS []
    Frasier: Texas Ranger: Reeling from his recent mistreatment at the hands of the Seattle job market, Frasier Crane reads What Color is Your Parachute? and decides to rededicate his life to serving up frontier justice to the Lone Star state's murdering miscreants and thugs. Niles visits during sweeps week, and turns visibly green as he realizes exactly where his new calfskin driving moccasins come from.

I know, I took a long unannounced break. Out-of-town visitors, too much work and getting sick'll do that to you.

For all that, my schedule is in fact fuller than it used to be. I'm thinking of updating once or twice a week instead of 2-4 times. Just a heads-up.

[A Bug's Life]

Commercial break: A Bug's Life is coming out April 20 on both VHS and DVD, with both sets of bloopers. Excellent film, excellent candidate for DVD hi-res viewing. Want it for 30% off?

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