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6 March 1999

"I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate."
-- George Burns

Saw Analyze This (rated R). It's pretty good.

If you're expecting a lightweight but entertaining couple of hours: 8/10.
If you're expecting a classic, memorable comedy: 3/10.

Claris Organizer returns from the dead -- and it's FREE. Woo hoo!

  • Palm Desktop Marks Return of a Familiar Organizer [TidBITS]
    Palm has decided to offer the software free to any takers, whether you own a Palm device or not. The only restriction is that Palm will provide support only to users with a valid serial number from the back of a Palm handheld. Obviously, they would prefer that users support them financially by purchasing Palm devices...

Download it from Palm:

Interesting list:

I think I'm weakest in #6 ("don't be wedded to a tool or platform") -- I know, love & prefer Frontier, which at least has the advantage of running on two platforms, MacOS and Windows. I use a Mac instead of Windows whenever possible but can use Windows quite well when I have to.

Visual Basic bugs me; it's so inextricably tied in my mind to the idea that Everyone Should Be Running The Same Thing, which I instinctively resist. I can write in it (with some work), but would rather not.

I plan to learn much more about both Unix and Perl in the coming year in order to broaden my horizons.

There's an okay new Lovers & Writers column by Garrison Keillor [Salon].

Cute Rose is Rose: Brand new peanut butter...

I think Jon Stewart's settled in pretty well at The Daily Show. Check it out sometime.

For the comics fans in the audience: coming in June 1999 and orderable now from your local comics shop -- Hulk vs. Superman. No, really. I would probably ignore it utterly, but it's drawn by Steve Rude, the accomplished artist of Nexus. He's Very, Very Good.

Here's the cover. [Westfield] (Note: Link may not work a month from now.)

I downloaded the FireWorks 2 30-day demo. Haven't scratched much more than the surface, but it seems at least two orders of magnitude better than what I've been using.

DevHead and WebReview seem like they might be developer resources worth adding to my regular list of stops.

Later, all.

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