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Part web log, part journal, part soapbox, it's a place for me to write every few days about anything I want. The most frequently-updated page on the site.
Reviews, essays, miscellaneous rants. Pieces that are too long for the Log.
(coming later in 1999)
Software I've written for release. The first will be an input-validating, multi-function CGI script that does not require (but does not preclude) JavaScript, Java, cookies or any programming on the part of the form author, named Formjack.
(coming someday)
If/when I start doing freelance work on the side again (web design, CGI scripting, database design, process automation, etc.), details will be here.
(coming someday)
Bio information, resume, etc.
My 'portal', i.e. the place I always start surfing from. Not really useful to anyone but me, but here it is anyway.

Also potentially of interest:

The Old Homestead:
My old site, with content that will eventually find its way over here:

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