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4 March 1999

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."
-- Harry S. Truman

Fascinating survey of mailing list life cycles, with an emphasis on people who single-handedly bring lists to their knees (yeah, I've seen a number of articles like this over the years, but this one's good too):

  • Molotovs and mailing lists [Salon, seen on Tomalak's Realm]
    Often these provocateurs have something essential to contribute, but the sheer wattage of their energies endangers the connection they're trying to create.

    ...Nicosia would reply to each critique with a 10-page letter addressing every point.

    How do you cope with a list terrorist who feels terrorized himself? You sign off. That is, perhaps, one of the most brutal lessons of riding out the rockier patches in mailing-list metabolism: The only way out is to abandon ship.

That last point could apply to a lot of things besides mailing lists...It's very hard to abandon ship any time you have to do it, but hopefully over time it gets easier to recognize when staying is going to be worse than leaving.

The author also wins points with me by using "logorrheic" in passing. (Based on the fabulous word 'logorrhea')

I've been looking for a Good web graphics tool; I've been using wwwArt and ColorIt! from MicroFrontier, but they aren't quite filling the bill any more. For a while I thought Adobe ImageReady was going to be the best thing, but then Adobe also came out with ImageStyler and muddied the waters (why aren't these two combined into one product??). While looking for comparative reviews of the two to see what the difference really is (Adobe doesn't make it very clear), I encountered near-unanimous praise for Macromedia Fireworks as being superior to both of Adobe's offerings.

A new version of Fireworks is "coming this month", with a smaller price tag no less, and there's a 30-day demo of version 1 I can play with in the meantime... cool.

Jorn B. is moving - he's now at the much-easier-to-remember

I'm having a hectic time of it, what with this opera I'm in (Summer & Smoke, showing March 12-14 at Wash U - I'm only on stage for a minute, though, so don't come for my sake) and other life events, so expect updates to continue being pretty sporadic for the next week or two.

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