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28 March 1999

"In case I don't see ya...
good afternoon,
good evening,
and good night."
-- Truman (Jim Carrey), The Truman Show

All right, this is it. Hiatus time. A week off from whatever-one-calls-this to try and catch up on all the work I'm behind on, not to mention important things like taxes...see ya in April, around the 5th.

This leaves me just about speechless:

  • Michigan State fans riot following loss to Duke [Detroit Free Press, seen on Camworld]
    A riotous crowd of about 5,000 people threw bottles and started fires around an apartment complex close to the Michigan State campus shortly after the Spartans lost to Duke Saturday in basketball's Final Four.

    About 20 fires were reported since the end of the game...

    ...firefighters were pulling back at Cedar Village because they were being pelted with debris. Zamora said one fire truck windshield was broken by thrown debris.

    One group shook one [light] pole so hard the arm came crashing down. Two other light poles were totally knocked down.

Under what circumstances is setting a fire and destroying property something that could be considered remotely appropriate or justified? And this was over a sports contest?!? Somebody needs to be whacked with a clue stick, but hard (and that's a metaphor, not an object).

That's funny... I would have figured Fox would have bought out by now.

Some very good (non-technical) tips on setting up shop on the web:

  • Your Customer Isn't An Idiot: Retail on the Web [Hatfactory, seen on Scripting News]
    Even the big outfits, those with burgeoning catalog businesses and hundreds of thousands of customers, treat their on-line shoppers to un-navigable mazes of links, anemic product presentation, and purchase user interfaces that would get any "real-world" software developer run out of town on a rail.

I particularly like the idea of an 'address book' for each customer, where she/he only has to enter an address once but can have more than just one or two addresses that they ship to. Great for allowing people to order & send gifts, which you'd want to encourage, right?

All about web consulting at the high end -- it's better reading than I expected:

IE5: Have It Our Way:

  • IE5: Branded for Life? [PC World]
    With Internet Explorer 5's Web Accessories feature, any developer can create customized versions of the browser. Now you can search and surf the Web with a browser specially tuned for AltaVista, Excite, Lycos... but what happens when you install such a custom browser--and don't like it? ... Once you've installed a custom version, there isn't an easy way to return your browser to its original form.

    ...[to go back to the original] I would have to uninstall IE5 and reinstall it. This is the only way to get rid of all the customized browsing elements, they say. // And I don't want to be one of the first people to uninstall IE5. It's true that I am a trained professional, but Microsoft's history with IE uninstalls is not reassuring.

There have been some great web-technique links over at lately.

Some quickies:

  • Ten ways arrogant networks are assisting in their own demise [SF Chronicle, seen on Obscure Store]
    When did "all new" become a breathless selling point for routine episodes of network shows? About the time that "all new" episodes seemed to become a rarity.

    ...because [Aaron] Spelling can produce untold hours of television programming, should he? [emphasis mine]

  • Internet Explorer 5 falls short on standards support, web developers forced to continue workarounds []
    We'd like to know: when will Internet Explorer have full support for any one Web standard?
  • Does The WaSP Hate Microsoft? []
    The WaSP has one purpose - to prevent the further fragmentation of the web, by persuading anyone and everyone who makes a browser to fully implement the suggested standards of the World Wide Web Consortium; standards the two dominant browser makers in particular helped shape.

    Personal feelings and preferences have no part in this equation. To fulfill our mission, we state our findings with no regard to who the guilty parties may be, or whether their guilt is less than a competitor's.

    If we have harped on Microsoft recently, it is because they have released a new product recently - and because they often come maddeningly close, and then take a detour.

  • BBB Web site privacy program finally arrives []

That's all the time I've got, see you in a week!

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