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26 March 1999

"Resorting to force is always a defeat for humanity."
-- Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls on the Kosovo conflict

CNN provides this Kosovo timeline, which provides some context to recent events.

It would be nice if each event was linked to a relevant news item from the period (in 1998-99 anyway, where there are surely related articles already on CNN's site), but .

Cutest title of the week (provided you have the background to get it) goes to:

  • The KatzDot Effect [Stating The Obvious]
    Katz, like most journalists of any stature, considers himself a central element of every story he writes. Count the number of personal pronouns he uses in a typical Katzdot piece and the number of times he makes himself the subject of a sentence. If they were a trigger in a drinking game, you'd have a guaranteed recipe for morning-after hangovers.

Personally, I don't mind Katz's contributions so much, but his wide-eyed 'I am such a pioneering media test case it scares me' bit does get pretty old.

Hmmm... looks interesting. Hadn't seriously thought about making this log a channel for it, but now that I see how it works...hmmm.

I probably won't any time soon though; got too many other interface improvements to do before I get to that.

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