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Directory to Steve Bogart's Pages

News, Pointers & Commentary
My home page; the main flow of pointers and rambling.
Where my words go when there are too many on the News page.
When I write something extended, it goes here. Since it's probably too kind to call them "essays", I dubbed them Scribbles. Related page: Scribbles I Hope to Someday Write
My Links Page
The page I bring up first in my browser; my bookmarks collection, essentially.
I use three different brands of browsers on two different platforms from two different locations -- I'm NOT going to get any good from any one browser's bookmarks or "favorites" feature.
So I made a page.
My Other Links Page
To keep my primary links page sleek and quick-loading, I put other less-frequently-used links/bookmarks here.
I love great quotes. These are my favorites.
Links to projects of mine (of which there has so far been only one). Also, pointers to software I use heavily.
About Me
If you care, this is where to go.

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