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Steve Bogart

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For an explanation of this site and what I'm trying to do here, see No One Knows My Plan 1997.

I maintain the Olin School web site. My personal pages are increasing steadily in number, thanks largely to the power of Frontier. I just type in my thoughts, it throws them into my templates, and voila! New content.

I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I went to Linn-Mar High School, where most of my time was spent making music and playing with computers (a TRS80 Model III!). I spent my college years here at Wash U., where I got my bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with minors in Music and Computer Science.

I used to be a Wash U. Piker, which means I sang a lot. I recently sang with MACH 1 (a five-man a cappella group) and the St. Louis Voices, a professional sextet based at Webster University. I also used to review albums for RARB, an a-cappella-album-reviewing body overseen by my buddies Seth Golub and Chris Tess. I currently sing with the Wash U Chamber Choir.

Future plans for my site, assuming free time and not getting hit by a truck, include: more info about me, sound clips from my concert tape, a photo gallery of interesting things, and gosh, I don't know what else.

Oh yeah, you can see the School's picture of me if you wish.

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