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29 April 1999

Linux is only free if your time has no value.
-- Jamie Zawinski

Question for the audience: So I'd like to rent a P.O. box for business purposes, and I'm weighing using the U.S. Postal Service vs. going with an independent vendor such as Mail Boxes Etc. Anybody out there have experience with either and have any comments on which I should go with?

USPS is cheaper, but Mail Boxes Etc. is accessible more hours of the day. Both let me have packages held for pickup. My local MBE (just down the street, in fact) went out of business last year. I'd rather not be dependent on a vendor that might disappear; on the other hand, there's an MBE right next to my main grocery store, so it's slightly more convenient than my Post Office is...

Anyway. Recommendations? Horror stories? The lines are open...

Okay, we knew this, but it's nice to have hard evidence. Some court documents reveal Microsoft's intentional machinations to make competitors' products appear broken:

  • Microsoft emails focus on DR-DOS []
    In the end, senior vice president Brad Silverberg said in a 1992 email that the message needed to steer users away from DR-DOS. "What the [user] is supposed to do is feel uncomfortable, and when he has bugs, suspect that the problem is DR-DOS and then go out to buy MS-DOS," Silverberg wrote.

I don't know about you, but I'm awfully curious to know what word Silverberg used instead of "user"...are the actual original court documents on the web?

Seen on RobotWisdom: DejaNews knows when you e-mail someone listed on their pages.

  • Deja News Monitors Email Links [Wired News]
    Deja News includes redirects in all external links that are part of message postings. Web-server log files routinely record the redirects to indicate when a user leaves a Web site, in order to track the user's destination.

    "When someone sends a piece of email they [Deja News] get a hit," Smith said. "They may not record that, but they get it. If they chose to, Deja News could also record -- and log -- the use of the link, the IP address of the sender, and the addressee's email [address]."

I agree that it's a questionable practice. What I don't get is -- much like Rafe Colburn wondered about an article from InfoWorld recently (in the 4/23/1999 entry) -- why don't the article authors provide the basic information people could use to bypass the 'feature', namely: select & copy the address directly off the page instead of clicking on the mailto: link.

What are journalists for, anyway? Yeesh.

Is April over already? Dang, now I've got to come up with some new colors.

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