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27 April 1999

Because alienation's for the rich
And I'm feeling poorer every day
-- "Alienation's For the Rich", They Might Be Giants, They Might Be Giants (1986)

Welcome to an unusually TV-centric edition of the NowThis log...

Comedy Central keeps advertising the heck out of Strangers With Candy, but no matter how much promotion of it I see, it remains thoroughly unappealing and not something I'm inclined to try watching.

Thanks to Laurel's TV Picks for the heads-up that Ben Stein and Matthew Broderick would both be on Letterman last night. It didn't hit me until Broderick came out that - hey - they were BOTH in Ferris Bueller! (Duh.) I wonder why he didn't have the two of them on stage at the same time...

There was an obvious cut in the Broderick interview; did somebody say something inappropriate for TV, or was it just boring?

Hack the Planet was down, and is now back. (Wesley Felter's [former] ISP shut him down for content reasons. I don't recall reading anything particularly offensive...?)

Got QuickTime? There's a precious old Kermit the Frog clip from Sesame Street available from Noggin (a new channel that I don't think St. Louis gets):

AVIs only occasionally play properly for me, so it's nice to see the fan-created Park Wars: The Little Menace (combined South Park/Star Wars) trailer available in QuickTime too (and on Comedy Central's own site, too! Now there's a progressive-thinking media company - don't sue creative fans, promote their work):

Tried watching Ally McBeal a couple of months ago. As I feared, I've gone from skeptic to casual viewer to fan. Great show.

What's REM doing on Party of Five? Anh? (Used to watch it in the beginning, got tired of the Artificially Huge Problem of the Week, quit watching a few years ago.)

Futurama's gotten better than the pilot was; last week's robot-world episode in particular was inspired. Check out tonight's TV listings in the Futurama world:

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