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20 April 1999

"Software is hard."
-- Jamie Zawinski

lots of stuff to post but no time to process it.

big emergencies cropping up one after the other.

was up all night for the second monday in a row.      ...grrrr...       some spammer caused one of our student drives to fill up, and I had to do a lot of cleanup work to make everything run again.

no promises as to when i'll be back. hopefully by the end of the week.

in the meantime, a meditation:

  • Living with the pain (Results of Computerworld's Annual Job Satisfaction Survey) [Computerworld]

    IT professionals say they still feel largely ignored, overworked and underpaid. Fortunately, most say they're still loyal to their masters.

    IT workers just want to contribute. But when information technology staff members aren't allowed to play an important role in their organization's success, are misunderstood and kept at arm's length by the business side or are given an unreasonable set of expectations from management, you can expect unrest in the ranks. In fact, IT professionals point to such treatment as the biggest source of their growing job dissatisfaction...

    Nearly 60% labeled their job "somewhat stressful"; 28% said their work is "very stressful." And 92% said their stress level has stayed the same or increased in the past year. The reasons: more responsibility, a bigger workload and unrealistic expectations. For example, one configuration manager in Georgia said his job is more stressful now because of "increased responsibility without commensurate authority or pay."

overworked.... check.

underpaid... check.

ignored... check.

stress?... check.

still loyal?...

I've been here over 5 and a half years working full-time, after three years of working part-time programming for the school. I hope that's been enough to prove a pretty high degree of loyalty...


how many dozens of times do you need to hear 'things will get better, just hang on a little longer' before you realize that there actually is no real solution on the way, and you're just being repeatedly fooled into doing whatever it takes to make things work, over and over again?

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