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22 April 1999

"I still do not know how successful The Kindly Ones was, how close I got or how far I came from what I set out to say. Still, it's the heaviest of all these volumes, and thus, in hardback at least, could undoubtedly be used to stun a burglar; which has always been my definition of real art."
-- Neil Gaiman, in the afterword to the Sandman graphic novel The Kindly Ones

An alum of the Colorado high school speaks:

  • We called it 'Littlefun' [Salon]
    Most press accounts say the two gunmen were "outsiders." So were all of my close friends at Columbine. They listened to German industrial music. So did I. Maybe the gunmen wrote bad poetry, too, did drugs on the weekends and spent as much time as they could in downtown Denver, which is culturally light years away from Littleton. My friends and I did all those things ... The obvious difference is that we never armed ourselves to the teeth and slaughtered the people we privately resented and abhorred.

    ...President Clinton [said Tuesday] that the nation needs to "do more to reach out to our children" and "recognize early warning signs." The early warning signs of what? Deranged mass killers? High school students with automatic weapons? Alienated kids? Jock-hating, computer-savvy racists? We will never understand what happened here; we will just stop wondering, when we're distracted by the next unfathomable outbreak of chaos.

Neil Gaiman is writing another Sandman story! According to the April 20 Comics Buyer's Guide, page 10, he's writing a new illustrated-prose hardcover entitled Sandman: The Dream Hunters in collaboration with Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano. It's scheduled to ship later this year.

PC Week columnist Peter Coffee is pretty much always worth reading. This time he meditates on the components that make PCs work:
  • In praise of the nuts and bolts [PC Week]
    One has to wonder at what seems like an astonishing double standard here, in which no-name competitive-bid components are expected to work all the time, while unreliable famous-brand software is eagerly bought without outrage, even when explicitly labeled as "Beta 3" code.

Dave Winer's back from his vacation. Love him or hate him, the Net seemed emptier without Dave around.

  • Bombing Yugoslavia [DaveNet]
    Lots more people are dying in Belgrade than in Colorado. [Larry] King fails to ask [Gore] the obvious question. What kind of example are you setting for your high school students?

    Gore and Clinton preach love, understanding and healing, while they bomb and kill people in Yugoslavia. We must be stupid to fall for this crap over and over.

Still haven't watched the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, but it's largely been panned. Here's a critic who actually likes it:

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