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30 April 1999

Still tomorrow's goin' to be another working day,
And I'm trying to get some rest,
That's all I'm trying, to get some rest.
-- "American Tune", Paul Simon

Followups to yesterday's post:

  • PO Boxes: Initial consensus seems to be that while the USPS is cheaper than Mail Boxes Etc., you get what you pay for in terms of service - lost mail, etc. MBE costs more but provides a better overall value. Anyone with a differing opinion is invited to rebut...

  • Caldera testimony: Thanks to reader Todd B. for a link to the original Caldera document (LONG, with a ton of fascinating quotes). The complete original quote is:
    "What the guy is supposed to do is feel uncomfortable, and when he has bugs, suspect that the problem is dr-dos and then go out to buy ms-dos. or decide not to take the risk for all the other machines he has to buy for in the office." -- Brad Silverberg, February 10, 1992
    So I guess was being gender-sensitive.

Interesting use of animated GIFs; not something I'd do on a site I was building, but it's worth a look:

I have to say, Slashdot is so much more readable now that they've implemented discussion moderation (a month ago or so?). If you find a topic with more comments than you want to wade through (which is usually the case), choose to only view those posts with higher scores, and watch the number of comments shrink while the discussion quality magically grows! Cool.

Gotta go. See you in May.

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