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22 February 1999
Starr: "I think I'm going to shoot the television again, Featherstone..." [reaches for gun]
Featherstone: "Please don't, Herr Starr." [switches it off]
Starr: "Hmff."
-- Preacher #34 by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon (DC Comics)

Something's definitely wrong with this picture: Apple shareholder Julian Y. Koh wonders why, if the CEOs of Intuit and Oracle are on Apple's board, those two companies aren't making more products for the Apple platform? Or even following through on their old promises?
  • Open Note to Apple Shareholders [Julian Koh's home page] seems to me that if you are serving on the Board of Directors of a company, you should have some measure of commitment and desire to work toward the continued success and growth of that company.
Koh notes that the re-election ballot for the Board of Directors was distributed recently...
Microsoft President Steve Ballmer has never impressed me as anything but a ruthless, uh, noun with little to no concern for making products that actually work as advertised and entirely focused on getting people to buy Microsoft's stuff using whatever marketing lies or strongarm tactics are necessary. Interestingly, he seems to have gotten religion:
  • Ballmer sounds alarm to MS managers [ZDNN]
    "We need to recommit to software engineering as a discipline." // Ballmer banged the simplicity drum as well, telling those in attendance that Microsoft's products are "too much hassle," with too many unwieldy features that aren't meeting customer needs.
Hm, maybe he's noticed their misleading product timetables, bug-ridden bug fixes and unnecessary features no one asked for have become jokes in the marketplace. Hey, the market might be working after all...
I've ordered my new home machine. Waiting impatiently now...
Bulletin: ABC News has learned that ABC News will be making an announcement today... (Okay, it's really an AP story, but ABC highlighted it on its own front page. Yeesh.) Gee, what a valuable use of the mass medium. Think I'll pass.
Farewell to Gene Siskel: I grew up watching him & Roger Ebert on PBS. I didn't always agree with him (on such things as The Thin Red Line, for example) but I always enjoyed reading his opinions. His death came as quite a surprise to me; I'm sorry to see him go.
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