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19 February 1999
   "You think you've got all the cards, doll, but I've got your number. I never believed you from the start." Her eyes blazed, with surprise or shame I couldn't tell. "All the rest of you, get out. Clear the room!" They left, quick and loud. I heard the door lock.
   Closing the distance between us, I pulled her to me roughly with one hand and drew my gun with the other, though I kept it pointed at the floor. I growled, "Give me one good reason I shouldn't kiss you where you stand."
   Her eyes never left mine. "I can't think of a one."

-- My Good Old Days: The Autobiography of Lenny Capone

Cool: an acronym server (seen on Scripting News):

Find out what those strange, seemingly-random strings of characters you encounter on the net really mean...

I knew what IANAL was, but I have to admit I've not seen IANALBIPOOTN in the wild. PITA wasn't there when I checked; maybe it's of relatively recent origin.

This sounds like an interesting film: "20 Dates". It's the first I've heard of it. Very engaging story behind it:

  • Single white filmmaker [Salon]
    This was a nightmare, because I always swore I would never be one of those first-time filmmakers who makes a movie about himself, and here I was doing that. The other obnoxious thing is that these guys always get these beautiful women who would never go out with them in real life, and here I've got Elisabeth. No one's gonna believe this.

Most excellent: According to Slashdot, They Might Be Giants is (are?) releasing their next album in MP3 format. Details as well as MP3s of older TMBG tunes are at Good Noise.

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