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News, Pointers & Commentary Archive: September 1998

29 September 1998 "I just wish Harry [Caray] and Jack [Brickhouse] were here."
-- Mark Grace

Spot-on Dilberts:

Mark McGwire, beach bum...

Cubs win! Cubs win!

25 September 1998 "Why doesn't DOS ever say 'EXCELLENT command or filename'?"
"Is anal retentive hyphenated?"

Out of nowhere, a New Scribble: Under New Management, or the Net's Not There Yet

Hey! Tuesday was the five-year anniversary of my apartment being flooded. Instead of thinking (well in advance) of having a Flood Party to commemorate the occasion, I actually didn't remember the occasion until Wednesday.

Progress, of a sort.

Too long for a daily quote, but a fun exchange that I was reminded of yesterday:

(Epicurus and Plato are walking through the Athenian market)
Philosopher 1: Greetings, brother thinkers! Have you come for a bit of dispute?
Philosopher 2: Yes! We feel the need to exercise our brains!
Epicurus: Well, actually...we could discuss the gods...
Philosopher 1: Excellent choice! Though I argue with the use of the term 'discuss...'
Philosopher 2: Well, I argue with the use of the term 'choice!'
Philosopher 3: And I argue with the use of the term 'term!'
Plato: (Oh, no...sophists!)

from Epicurus the Sage, a graphic novel by William Messner-Loebs and Sam Keith, Piranha Press, 1989.

23 September 1998 Well there's a line that you must toe
and it'll soon be time to go
--"Complicated Shadows", Elvis Costello, from All This Useless Beauty

For the Robin Williams fans in the audience (including me):

Ubik-uity? Carl Steadman with his ironic/satiric take on:

Personally, I think the word 'brandwidth' should be struck from the record.

I've only read one of Steve Martin's New Yorker essays, but I liked it. Now he's got a book of them. Salon mostly liked it. I might get it.

Finally, Garrison Keillor outdoes himself with his latest Mr. Blue column. I laughed very, very hard.

Nothing to quote from it - it's all good.

21 September 1998 With every glance you throw my heart gets stirred
But every word you say shoots pain right up my spine
-- "You and Me" by Chris Tess, a great 'mad but in love but mad' song

All change!

Unlike the author and his close acquaintances, I like the new $100s and $50s I've seen; I think they're much more interesting to look at, and I have no problems with the portraiture. I'm looking forward to the new $20 bill myself.

From the Salon archives, a heck of a story about the apparently unusual practice of married people keeping their finances separate. Lots of interesting discussion, with a list of books to read.

FileMaker Pro finally has ODBC connectivity? Hmmmmm.... That's the main thing I've felt it's lacked that's kept me from using it as a solution at work. Could be very cool.

18 September 1998 "There are 2 rules to success in life:
1) Don't tell people everything you know."
-- Unknown

Oh my God, or "Vader? Here?":

(Note: When comparing someone to Darth Vader, it should be emphasized that in the end Darth was not all bad...just mostly.)
16 September 1998 "Success is never final." -- Winston Churchill
"Failure is rarely fatal" -- Joseph McRae Mellichamp, Ph.D.

I'm doing a little jig because Andy Ihnatko is back on the air, now a columnist for MacCentral. He has a unique way with words...

His best column so far is #2:

The thing about computers, though, is that as obsolete as they become, they remain the perfect solution to the narrow set of problems they were initially designed to address.

I know that saying "The UN has secret helicopters full of doctors who criss-cross the country surgically removing the butts from cows in the dead of night" doesn't damage your credibility as much as claiming that Newton handwriting recognition actually works, but there it is nonetheless. Using my Palm III, I am more or less resigned to a world in which the guick brown fox juaps ouer the lizy dog and one never uses quotes or apostrophes for fear of angering a vengeful god, or something.

What comes after the iMac? The MacWeek rumor column has some predictions:

15 September 1998 Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
A collection of intriguing articles I should read but haven't yet had the time: From the piece on intuition:
[Researchers] showed a video of a bank robbery to a group of people, some of whom were asked to describe the robber's face in as much detail as possible, while others occupied themselves by naming the US states. In the recognition test that followed, those who described the robber's face were about 26 per cent poorer at picking out the target from seven similar photos than those running through from Alabama to Wisconsin. "Verbalisation has a very specific effect," says Schooler. "It impairs judgment based on intuition."

Microsoft's posted a patch for the Access data corruption bug from a few weeks ago: (Note: you have to give up a lot of tedious personal information to get in)
Dan Savage [ABCnews] points out rightly that Monica owes Hillary an apology too. (permanent location)
Ever feel like you're in a blooper reel?

You're going along, having a conversation, and you look at your fellow 'actor' and see something (a private joke, a dangerously amused spark, whatever) in his or her eyes that just shatters your train of thought and you both suddenly have to stifle laughter because you've forgotten what you're 'supposed' to be talking about?

I get that sometimes.

14 September 1998 "I think that all right-thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that ordinary, decent people are fed up in this country with being sick and tired. I'm certainly not! But I'm sick and tired of being told that I am!"
--Monty Python

The hits keep on coming: Salon is consistently one of the more rewarding sites I visit. Here's some more of their good stuff from recent weeks:

12 September 1998 "If 'friendship' is A, 'sleeping together' is not B. 'Sleeping together' is Z or maybe V. Between, there's a whole alphabet of approach, affection and adventure to be explored, even if you never make it to K. The magic of dancing new words and sentences with someone is what keeps me interested. ... Marriage is a novel. Not everybody reads novels."
--Jimmy Wakefield, The Rolling Stone Interview
Ran across The English Server,, thanks to a Small Dog newsletter. Interesting resource; the front page is a little cryptic but at least it has a search engine.

In particular, they mentioned that eserver has the inaugural speeches of all the Presidents. Cool, but it's one long 832K document. Somebody should split it up into individual speeches.

Ran across this in the same search; I remember hearing her read this in '93:

Stirring stuff.
And now for the Language Cop portion of this week's broadcast. Note the ever-popular phrase "sneak peak", a.k.a. a surreptitious mountain or covert hilltop, a.k.a. a NONSENSICAL PAIRING OF WORDS.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr. This is in a press release?!?

Somebody needs a better editor.

On a more positive note, Language Cop points out, FYE (for your edification):
An abbreviation I never see used:
a.i. = ad interim = in the meantime.
Ran across it in the dictionary but never have in real life.

Ever wonder what those other two-letter things are? People often use them interchangeably, but they actually have distinct meanings:

i.e. = id est = that is
e.g. = exempli gratia = for example
What a week! Ran out of time to do much writing. I hope to post some more Sunday or Monday, so watch then.

And, coming in a few weeks - a useful surprise!

8 September 1998 "Knowledge may give you weight, but accomplishments give luster"
--Lord Chesterfield

Dan Gillmor on how to make sure your e-mail gets read:

Five good rules. Worth reading.

Dave Winer on McGwire/Sosa:

Charles Martin on the lack of USB device availability for the iMac:

7 September 1998 "Never be critical of someone else until you've walked three hundred miles in their shoes...that way you'll be 300 miles away from them, and have their pair of shoes."
--Rockapella concert banter

Clearing the Cache: Some thought-provoking Salon articles, some older than normal:

Together We Can Defeat Capitalism...? Yes, Virginia, there are still topics you can't discuss.

It's so hard not to take prosperity for granted if you're, well, my age:

Dating politics: When is it appropriate to ask out someone you've just met? Or is it ever?

Insights into many Salon things, including why Salon is so anti-Starr, in an interview with the founder and editor:

8.5 is coming in October: See what all the fuss is about:

The main thing I like about it is that it's going to be faster on the same hardware. I can always use faster.

The Doctor Fun Page is on hiatus. What is it with people who think they need breaks? I don't get it. (JOKE!) has its own domain now. MacMAME is the freeware arcade-game emulator that lets you play all the good old games with infinite quarters at your disposal. Very, very cool.

Millipede is still my all-time favorite. Xenophobe was added to the compatibility list recently too, which was a nice surprise.

Yes, there's a Windows version.

Bonus Quote:
How do you know when there are singers outside your door?
They can't find the key and they don't know when to come in.

Today's quotes are courtesy of the fine folks at

And yes, this month's colors are iMac-ish. 'Cause it's cool.

5 September 1998 "There's only one way to have a happy marriage, and as soon as I learn what it is I'll get married again."
--Clint Eastwood
Sorry for the quietude. I'll post a big update before the end of the Labor Day weekend, I promise.

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