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Under New Management

Or, the Net's Not There Yet

Friday, September 25, 1998

Yesterday, it was announced that St. Louis' alternative weekly paper, The Riverfront Times, will be sold to New Times, which owns several cities' alternative weekly papers. Ray Hartmann will continue to write his weekly editorials, but his other duties will be diminished.

I first heard about this on KSDK's nightly news, then turned to the 'net for more information.

Imagine my surprise when:

So much for online news keeping pace with other media...

Where to try next?

Why not one of the wire services? Surely one carries local news for certain areas, right?

So, I go to the Associated Press' site. No luck. At this point it's past the point of being worth the effort to me, so I give up.

This morning the Post-Dispatch did finally report on it.

As ever, I'm just full of assorted questions & observations about the experience:

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