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day permlink Thursday, 6 November 2008

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No time to write a longer post..

Critic John Leonard has died, at 69. Damn.

I lost touch with his work over the last few years, but I've been a fan. He had a distinctive point of view, a vast store of knowledge, an unusual way with words and a wonderful cadence to his reviews on CBS Sunday Morning.

Here's an attempt I made once at conveying his spoken rhythms in text.

I recently bought an iPod Touch, because I was itching to get an iPhone.

The Touch costs $229, once, versus a couple of thousand dollars for an iPhone over the two years of your contract.

I'm very very happy with it, for reading feeds, following Twitter, following baseball, and much more; if you spend much of your day with access to wifi, it's frankly just as good as an iPhone.

With this, my 6th post in 6 days, I will note that I'm trying for NaBloPoMo - a post every day for the entire month. (I wasn't going to bother mentioning it until I could demonstrate some actual activity.)

Wish me luck.

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Luck is wished. I keep trying to post more, but...
      ...posted by Glen on November 7, 2008 5:35 AM
Glen! If anyone has a good excuse, it's you...
      ...posted by Steve B. on November 7, 2008 11:46 PM
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