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day permlink Friday, 7 November 2008

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If I wrote a political weblog, it would look a lot like what Steve Benen (at Washington Monthly; formerly of The Carpetbagger Report) writes. More often than not, if I think of a point I'd like to make about the topic of the day, I go read him and he's made it.

Except unlike me, he posts about a dozen times a day and covers a multitude of topics.

So you should check him out.

(Kind of freaky about the whole "Steve B." thing, I have to say.)

Another weblog you should visit regularly is The Big Picture by Barry Ritholtz. He knows a great deal about the financial sector and is good at explaining things.

He also has a finely tuned BS detector, which is a key thing to hone these days.

If you find yourself wondering why the markets are doing whatever they're doing, or whether the financial crisis or the housing slump is over like the TV people keep claiming, visit The Big Picture.

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