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day permlink Monday, 5 December 2005

permlink Congress Votes Database

New resource for government watchers:'s Congress Votes Database [via PoliticalWire]

From the About page -
This site,'s U.S. Congress Votes Database, is a deep database of every vote in the United States Congress since the 102nd Congress (1991). It lets you browse votes in a variety of ways -- both in aggregate and for individual members of Congress.

Browse the database by drilling down to a particular Congress (e.g. 109th Congress) or particular member (e.g. 109th Congress senators).

This site publishes an RSS feed of recent votes by each member of Congress, and a feed of the most recent votes in both chambers. See the RSS page for full details.

This site is generally updated every day, although there is a delay between a vote in Congress and its appearance on the official Congress Web sites.
This sounded like something that Derek Willis would be involved in, and lo:
This site was created by Adrian Holovaty of and Derek Willis of The Post.
My favorite bits, on a cursory browse: the front & center links to Late Night Votes and to Vote Missers (dominated by Dems in this cycle; what's up with that?). Also, RSS feeds galore.

A post from Derek about the CVD:
...The first of many, many Post web apps built using Django, this site is a browsable archive of votes in the House and Senate since 1991. It has plenty of features, including vote breakdowns (try "by astrological sign") and RSS feeds for each member, so you can be notified when a vote has been posted. Adrian did the heavy lifting, but as a normal person he doesn’t have my intimate knowledge of Congress (thanks, CQ!). So it worked out well, I think. The site is powered by Python, PostgreSQL and Django.
Congratulations to Derek and Adrian; looks nifty. One step closer to an open, participatory republic. permlink   Politics--Policy   1 comment(s)  
Well, I did have to harness that congressional experience for something, I suppose. And if you or your readers have any suggestions for features or improvements, by all means let us know. We're going to be adding to this one.
      ...posted by Derek on December 5, 2005 10:25 PM
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