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day permlink Friday, 2 December 2005

permlink "See How That Works?"

Seen at MaxSpeak, You Listen! --
"I am a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. Taking all the factors into consideration--the TO situation, McNabb's injury, their 5-6 record--I believe the Eagles will not win the Super Bowl this year.

Does this mean I want the Eagles to lose? By your logic, apparently, it does.

But in fact the opposite is the case. If they miraculously won the rest of their games and won the Super Bowl, no one would be happier than me. But realistically I don't think it will happen, and thus in my opinion the Eagles should change their actions with that in mind (e.g. sending McNabb off to season-ending surgery rather than having him play through it).

See how that works?" - Carl the Big Fool
Hey, don't blow political operatives' logic circuits, or you'll have to clean up the mess. permlink   Politics--Policy   1 comment(s)  
heh heh...
      ...posted by acm on December 2, 2005 7:53 PM
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