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day permlink Sunday, 11 December 2005

permlink Scalzi on O'Reilly's phony GWOX

("Global War On Christmas")

Whatever: The War on Christmas Has Its Subversive Element
...the news story about a bunch of "megachurches" being closed on Christmas day adds a certain zesty tang to the whole proceeding, doesn't it? If the mass retailers of Christ can't be bothered to do up Christmas right, why should the mass retailers of DVD players?...

...Clearly these members of the flock have lost their way. Before these militant types bother others about how they choose to approach the holiday season, maybe they should go back to deal with these lackadaisical apostates. You know, get them all in lockstep so they can present a united front when they tell other people how they should think and behave, so as not to make the persecuted and politically weak Christian minority in this country feel set-upon with Satan's syllables, "Happy Holidays."

...Honestly, if one is going to make the previously innocuous and friendly phrases "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas" tension-filled code words for political and religious orthodoxy, one damn well better be sure one's shock troops are all in a line ... It's not Christmas unless every living Christian soul is in a pew, whether they want to be or not, and it's up to all those Merry Christmas Militants to make it so. Because, you know, there's nothing Christians like better than being told by other people how to practice their religion. That's why that whole Protestant Reformation thing never caught on. Martin Luther. What a silly man he was.
This one time, in college, the Pikers serenaded a Jewish classmate with "Have Yourself a Happy Little Hanukkah".

Good thing O'Reilly the Scoldy Clown wasn't around at the time, I guess; he would have started shouting about the increasing national movement to boycott our music (while of course not *technically* endorsing such a thing himself). Schmuck.

One more thing on The Clown Factor - He consistently denounces MediaMatters as a 'smear' website, which I find awfully revealing; mostly what you find there is transcripts (and the corresponding sound clips or movies) of things people like O'Reilly just said on the air that were stupid, nasty, false or all of the above.

But it's all based on relaying exactly what they said themselves. This by them is "smearing"? Or "Nazi block watcher" tactics? (That gem was from Ann Coulter, surprise surprise.)

Maybe they just don't like it when people actually listen to what they say. permlink   Current Events   2 comment(s)  
Hey Steve- wasn't that the Wydown Whythm (4 Pikers that lived in Wydown dorm) that sang HYAHLH?
      ...posted by Chris on December 12, 2005 6:38 PM
I just love that original arrangement. (assuming it's the one Mach 1 performed with the original lyrics). Did you know that one of the original lines from MMiSL was `Have yourself a merry little may be your last'? And on the subject of BO, has anyone else *ever* walked off of Fresh Air? Classy. `Cut her mike!'
      ...posted by DaveT on January 4, 2006 4:03 PM
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