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day permlink Tuesday, 30 December 2003

permlink Overly Googular

I think I'm overly Googular. Not that I'm complaining. Here's a followup I'm attaching to an earlier post about the hard-to-find telephone number of a major online store:
It's really quite funny, but (at least for a moment) the comment thread for this entry is the top-ranked Google search for 'amazon phone number'. And of course since the phone number itself is in this post but not the comment thread, people post questions saying 'well, what is it?'.

So I'm changing the title of this post to include the number itself, since it's apparently too hard/confusing to click through to the actual post.

(Also, people are posting anti-Amazon complaints with zero supporting information, leading me to believe they're just making stuff up and/or competitors trying to smear Amazon. Whatever, people. I'll leave them up, but I don't believe you.)
I'm just surprised the Slate article isn't higher-ranked for the search. Maybe this will help: amazon phone number. permlink  

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