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day permlink Saturday, 20 September 2003

permlink Undeclared campaign contribution

Undeclared campaign contribution: OK, this is pretty egregious. I just saw a house ad by the USA Network (5:04pm Eastern on 9/20) for a series of Arnold films that may as well have been a campaign commercial. It's not much when written down, but believe me, on the screen it was pretty unmistakable:
You know his voice... ("Come with me if you want to live", to Linda Hamilton)
You know his strength... (Naked Arnold throws guy through window.)
And you'll never forget his name:
Schwarzenegger. ("Who do you think I look like? Dirty Harry?")
Four nights; Four Schwarzenegger blockbusters (grinning: "Trust me".)
Schwarzenegger: Man of Action
Starts Tuesday at 9 with 'Twins' on USA
Presented in part by Boston Market.
Honestly, would they have made that exact ad, with the same script, if he weren't running for office right now? Aren't there rules about this kind of thing?

Awaiting "Gary Coleman: Man of Action"... permlink     1 comment(s)  
I HONESTLY don't understand how any US citizen, no matter how inbred, could possibly still labour under the delusion that your political system has anything to do with democracy, or the people it governs. It's a celebrity popularity contest, nothing more, nothing less. Time to give up on this "election" nonsense, and choose a leader in the only obvious way... Thursday nights, "Stay tuned for AMERICAN PRESIDENT, next!"
      ...posted by Katharine on September 27, 2003 9:16 AM
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