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18 June 1999

And it feels like punishment
But I don't know what for
-- "Last Boat Leaving", Elvis Costello, Spike

I've now reached the distinction of having fifteen copies of a Network Solutions invoice arrive in my mailbox within a couple of weeks.

Which I've paid in a timely fashion.

Incomplete sentence.



Oh boy, now Yahoo has a music section too. What's next? wrestling? How many categories can one brand try to cover?

If Rolling Stone tried to break into the travel market, they'd be laughed out of the room.

Interestingly, if you go to you get routed to, and don't exist [yet?].

R.E.M. is about to launch an official website:

I'm taking a trip to the Bradlands today; Brad & I will meet in meatspace (a.k.a. IRL or In Real Life) for lunch. It'll be the first time I meet another 'logger...will we both walk away unscathed? ;)

Whoa: I ended up being granted a short solo in tomorrow's concert (see the bottom of yesterday's entry). It's only four measures or so, but for that little bit I'll be producing the only sound in the hall (no piano or chorus accompanies that piece of the song). Pressure! And to have it sprung on me two days before...eek!

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