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17 June 1999

"I know pop music critics won't get it because it's not really a pop record. It's absurd when they say it fails as a pop record. It's like saying this black jacket I'm wearing fails as a green jacket."
-- Joe Jackson on Night Music, IMPACT, April 1995, P.10

Check out this nifty new thing (disclosure: it's run by a friend of mine) (but I'm not receiving anything for this plug):

  • PizzaZone
    PizzaZone is a free service that helps people decide what sort of pizza to order. You and your friends enter your preferences (which we'll remember for next time if you all create accounts first), and we'll tell you what to order, based on who likes what, how much they're planning to eat, and the menu of the place you're ordering from.

The aggregation of preferences for an arbitrary group at an arbitrary point in time is something I haven't seen done elsewhere. It requires a little set-up time up front, but depending on how often you find yourself in a group wanting pizza and having trouble agreeing, it might be worth it. And hey, it's free.

Visit & see what you think.

This one's from a while back, but it's still good. James Poniewozik wondered why newspapers were huffing & puffing about USA Today's decision to put advertising on the front page, and makes a number of fine points about the perceived problem of advertising influencing editorial content:

  • The hooker with a heart of gold [Salon]
    Ads on Page 1 are no different, in terms of editorial corruption, from ads on Page 2.

    The greater threat to media independence comes from hidden or camouflaged sources of influence: corporate-owner networks, e-commerce arrangements, advertorial sections, celebrity publicists, marketing deals, online "stores" and sponsorships. Say what you will about ads -- at best, you know they're ads. And media outlets need more cheesy, crass -- that is, easily recognizable -- means of supporting themselves, not fewer.

    Sell anything! Sell everything! Just tell me who's paying. As it is there are enough petty, hidden influences behind journalism that we'll never see disclosed.

Attention St. Louis classical music appreciators: The Union Avenue Opera Theatre is presenting an Opera Chorus Gala this Saturday (June 19) at 8 o'clock.

The program will feature selections from The Fairy Queen, Il Trovatore, Idomeneo, Eugene Onegin, and HMS Pinafore and will highlight soloists from UAOT's first five seasons. Tom Sudholdt of KFUO-FM will be master of ceremonies.

Admission is $10; call 314-361-2881 for more info. The venue is Union Avenue Christian Church at 733 N. Union Blvd.

Coincidentally, I happen to be singing in the chorus. Just thought I'd mention it. :)

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