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14 June 1999

Tim Hunter: You're not going to just leave me here, are you? It's bloody miles to Brighton...
Robin Goodfellow: Indeed it is. But I had not realized you wish to be in my debt, Timothy...
-- Books of Magic #63, DC Comics, August 1999

I don't wish to offend our Internet masters, so I will refrain from saying exactly what I think, but Network Solutions/InterNIC is being...odd.

I signed up for a new domain a few weeks ago for a client, and they finally got around to sending me an invoice via e-mail.

Only problem is, I've received the same identical e-mailed invoice 13 times (so far). It's not overdue (until June 27), and in fact I went to their site and filled out the payment information on Saturday, so they should at some point figure out that they don't need to invoice me again...

What impression should your customer get when you send them the same bill more than a dozen times in a week?

As I said...odd.

Netscape 4.0x on the Mac is quite frustrating.

I've been trying to get the new, stylesheet-ful version of this page to look OK in it, but it handles the presence of stylesheets so poorly (in one of my code variations, it reliably crashed every time I tried to look at the page) that I've backed up a step and changed from using STYLE="padding: 1ex 1.25ex" to enclosing the page's body text in a table with extra padding.

It's a setback for the theoretical 'purity' of my page, but at least it looks acceptable in more browsers now.

Saturday (and not for the first time) I misread the magazine title Martha Stewart's Living as Martha Stewart's Lying.

There. Now it's in your head too.

Sorry, haven't pointed to anything external yet today. Maybe this is a diary, not a weblog? A journal? Maybe the available terms are too restrictive?

Alamut has suggested 'notebook' rather than 'diary' regarding his own site. Hmmmm.

Of course, by now my Log URL is all over the place, so I'll be keeping it where it is, but I'm somewhat glad I didn't specifically call it a 'weblog'...this is just a log, eh? Of random stuff. A stufflog?

Via the relatively new log Bifurcated Rivets: They might not only be serious, but they might be right as well. Regardless, it's a very cute idea.
Have you received a funny e-mail containing a "job application for a fast-food place" that was "actually submitted"? It wasn't. Here's the author, Greg Bulmash:
  • Make Burgers Fast [IMDB]
    Besides posting it to my web site and a few thousand e-mail subscribers, I posted the application to a couple of Usenet humor newsgroups (with my URL, a copyright notice, etc.). Someone took that posting, stripped my URL, copyright notice, and one of the questions, added the statement that the application was actually submitted at a fast food establishment, and it began getting circulated around Usenet and various mailing lists.

    My favorite reaction was on the web site where they claimed to have it from a reliable source that the anonymous applicant ... was hired. I'll tell you, my friend Jon ... was right when he said I could write a master's degree thesis on how this has propagated and how some people will believe anything if you e-mail it to them.
And, here's the original:
  • Take This Job And... []
    MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes.

Unexpected: Haven't seen it, but I plan to.
Finally, farewell to DeForest Kelley, aka Dr. Leonard McCoy:
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