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19 June 1999

"There is no spoon."
-- The Matrix

Saw The Matrix last night (finally). I really liked it. Very geeky, with a theme similar to V for Vendetta (packaged very differently, of course): accepting without question the world presented to us makes us prisoners and keeps us from greater things.

Big thumbs up. 9/10.

CNN posted a lengthy update on Phil Collins, with a glaring factual error (Phil was not a founding member of Genesis, he had to audition for the drummer slot after John Mayhew left). Other than that, it's pretty good reading:

  • 'Tarzan' swings to Phil Collins' beat [CNN]
    Unlike the songs used in most of Disney's animated features, four of the five songs Collins wrote would be performed by the singer himself -- rather than by the voices of characters in the movie.

    "I think in my future, the kind of 'regular Phil Collins,' if you like -- the albums-tour scenario -- I don't know how long I want to do that for. I love writing songs, and I'll always write songs. And I'll always make records if people want to hear them. But I don't know if I always want to go out and tour for a year."

Haven't seen the film or heard the music yet, but I'm curious to.

Here are two reviews of Phil's new live 'big band' album (I was surprised at the track list - many of them are re-doings of old Phil/Genesis tunes):

  • 'A Hot Night in Paris' reviews [The Path]
    Worth the money alone is a fantastic ten minute version of the 1976 Genesis composition 'Los Endos'.
    Unsurprisingly, the drums are too high in the mix - but then he is the boss.

Some fine Star Wars humor:

  • Abridged Phantom Menace Script []
    (Note: Contains profanity and plot spoilers)
    LIAM NEESON: It is vitally important we enter trade negotiations with the federation.
    EWAN MCGREGOR: I agree. This one planet and how it trades with other planets is certainly an important enough topic to be the entire plot of a Star Wars film.

    JAKE'S MOM: No, I won't allow him to pod race. He'll get hurt. (pause) Ok, I will. Nevermind. Good luck.

  • Top 13 Better Titles for the New "Star Wars" Movie. []
    10. Episode I: Mr. Lucas Wants A Bigger Boat
    7. The Toys-R-Us Christmas '99 Catalog

"She's a tricky one. When she says 'Aloha', what she really means is 'Aloha'."

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