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25 January 1999
"How do you keep an idiot in suspense?"
"I don't know, how?"
"I'll tell you later."
-- [unknown]

And playing the role of "idiot in suspense" for some months now...your host, Steve! "Thank you, thank you all. Means a lot. Let's get right to it, shall we?"
Echoing many other folks, I recommend Shakespeare in Love - quite fun all round, and my, my, Gwyneth Paltrow is just wondrous. 8/10.
Apparently the sequel to Get Shorty is out. Cool.
  • Be Cool [Salon]
    The story line is too convoluted to summarize here, but take my word for it: It's "Get Shorty" all over again, this time with plenty of cynical details about the popular music business. Chili again plays puppeteer, setting one group of his antagonists against another ... Much good-natured bloodletting ensues, leading one L.A. detective to remark: "My wife wants to know how come I'm putting in so much overtime lately. I told her 'cause Chili Palmer's making a movie."

A nice summary of a common Net problem, with some links to valuable resources to boot:
  • Netiquette Training: Whose Responsibility? [CPSR, seen on Camworld]
    The predominant approach today seems to be to assume that newcomers to online communication will somehow automatically know or quickly learn netiquette. For a number of reasons, this is not surprising. ... people tend to believe that their own cultural conventions are "natural" and "common sense" and therefore should be obvious. They have forgotten that the conventions of cyberspace are not universal and were learned, through either explicit instruction or "the school of hard knocks." These observations help explain the predominant "do nothing" approach, but they do not excuse it.

Apple's taking its time making the SCSI option available for its new machines; now they say 'available in February'. Guess I won't be buying my new toy for a while; maybe longer even, since I'm no longer certain how long I'm going to be keeping my steady income.
My monitor's going a bit nuts (overheating & going blurry), so I can't do much more tonight. Catch you all later.
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