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10 January 1999
He seemed to hate what he was doing
He sure knew how to get it done
-- "Nevermind Me", The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Let's Face It

Rrrrrrrr. Each semester I end up doing more to prepare for Day 1 Of Class (this time, Jan. 11) than I had estimated...this time around I ALSO had to help out with the migration of 3 NT servers, and of course it couldn't go smoothly... Long story short, I'm a bit swamped, and will be for a number of days more. No further updates for a while. Wish me luck. SEB
One time-sensitive thing: Neil Gaiman's coming to St. Louis on Friday the 15th! Whee! See if he's coming to your town too. Thanks to Windowseat for the heads-up. I saw Gaiman last year when he came to speak at Wash U. On paper, he's a master; in person, he's a great, entertaining guy in his soft-spoken way. Read him if you like thoughtful fantasy; meet him if you get the opportunity.
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