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2 February 1999
"If I don't have the kabob now,
I may never have the kabob again.

Give me the kabob."
-- from a sketch by 'The Kids in the Hall'

The "Surreptitious Mountain" virus spreads... You know how if you see something that's wrong enough times, it'll start to look right just by virtue of being familiar? Like "it's" being used as a possessive? I was in Hallmark tonight, and the following sign for Valentine cards caught my eye:

Be Flirty
Give someone a sneak peak at your heart

It took a second to register because I've seen the error so many times, but ACK! I swear, I see "sneak peek" misspelled more often than I see it spelled correctly. I blame the Net; everybody seems to get it wrong on the Net... but this is the first time I've seen it proudly displayed in print, I think. I let a cashier know; she seemed amused, took the sign off the floor and said she'd tell the manager.
Greeting card aside: I wish there were more cards for sale with blank insides. There's generally a pretty slim selection of them, and if there are no prefab cards which capture what I want to communicate (which is usually the case), I'd like more than 6 or 8 equally-inappropriate professionally-designed images to choose from if I want to write my own content.
TV rambling: When sitting around my apartment late at night (surfing, usually), I've found the combination of 'The Daily Show' and 'Win Ben Stein's Money' (Comedy Central, 10:00-11:00pm Central) to be a welcome daily distraction. Jon Stewart's finally settling in as host of The Daily Show and I'm enjoying it, though I'd prefer more headlines or longer guest interviews and fewer ridicule-some-poor-unwitting-eccentric segments. Is there more than one episode of 'The Upright Citizens Brigade'? I keep encountering the same one over and over. ("Shu' up. Shu' up.") They say there's more than one on the web site, but...
Cute 'Over the Hedge':
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