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20 January 1999
[In response to 'Is pop culture improving or in decline?'] People's attention spans are shorter. Having so much instantaneous choice -- just a remote control with the television -- makes the overwhelming message of the medium simply that "nothing matters". Whatever it is, it is going to be replaced by something else in another 30 seconds.
-- Matt Groening, interviewed in Wired 7.02, February 1999

12 + 13 = 25 days left to buy your sweetie something red and froofy for Valentine's Day. How lucky that with time so short, Schnucks is prepared today for all your candy, card and other incidental Valentine needs. Why, it's barely enough time! (I went shopping tonight and was visually assaulted by an all-red aisle. Eek.)
I've been using Internet Explorer 4.5/Mac a number of days now, and am pretty satisfied with it except for one feature they removed - Command-I for loading the images on the current page (assuming you don't load images by default). It was a shortcut in 4.01 (and I think it was that way in 3 too), but they decided it wasn't necessary in 4.5 and gave Command-I to "Get Info". I wouldn't even mind about that, but they didn't provide a different shortcut key either, and nor is the 'load images' button in the list of scriptable actions Frontier knows about, so I can't make my own shortcut Frontier's way either. Now I have to switch from the keyboard to the mouse and click the toolbar button or go to the menu to trigger image-loading. Two steps forward, two steps back...
Ruh roh. Mail server's not responding. Guess I gotta go in and fix it, because no one else will at 1:30 am, and losing mail service for 7 hours (i.e. until someone shows up in the morning) is generally considered bad form. So, gotta cut it short. Hope to post more tomorrow. Can't wait till we have someone whose job this is.
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