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5 January 1999
Hofstetter's first law:
It will always take longer than you think.
Hofstetter's second law:
It will always take longer than you think, even when you take into account Hofstetter's first law.

Save yourself a headache: don't go see The Thin Red Line. I'd give it a 2 out of 10. I'll be posting a more thorough review in a couple of days. It's important to me to say why I thought this movie was so bad.
In the various year-end wrap-ups, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa have posed for a number of fun photos together. I've only found one online:
  • 1998 Sportsmen of the Year (in togas) [CNN/SI]
    "No, we didn't discuss. We didn't even sit down. It was automatic. It was unanimous. It was the easiest selection in our history. It couldn't be one Sportsman of the Year. It had to be two."

Had a wonderful time vacationing in California, far from the horrid weather in the Midwest. Now I'm back, though, and I have to say: brrrrrrrr. My Chicago friends are getting the worst of it, though. Anyway: Monterey Bay Aquarium [official site] was fun, particularly the otters, rays and birds. While in Monterey, we ate at Tillie Gort's [Digital Lantern review], a predominantly vegetarian restaurant. I liked it quite well, even though I'm decidedly not a vegetarian. Give them a try if you're ever in the area. Also played my first few games ever of Worms 2 [official site]. Good old wholesome blow-up-your-neighbor fun. Seth, after I get some practice, I want a rematch. :)
Outta time. More later this week.
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