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22 December 1998
"I think it is worthwhile to stay informed, but it is also worthwhile to know how little it is possible for any of us to know very much at all and to accept that we are ALL inherently pretty ignorant as a result. "I for one would prefer that I had saved a certain percentage of my memory storage for Bible verses, Shakespeare soliloquies, and Dostoyevsky passages, as an example, rather than 80,000 pop-music lyrics and television-theme songs, origins and first appearances of super-heroes, names and years of Hollywood films, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. Oh, well. Too late now."
-- Dave Sim, Aardvark Comment, Cerebus #237

'nother Movie...

Saw You've Got Mail; pretty good, if you like that sort of thing, which I usually do.

I was a little frustrated at the dimness of one of the characters (would it have been *that* hard to figure out the secret? Especially after all the other character was doing...?), but if you let them have that, it was all pretty well done. 7/10.

Going home for Christmas shortly (home=Iowa).

When I get back I should at last have time to hunker down and work on this site; on the 29th & 30th for sure.

One of the first orders of business is to migrate all my old content onto this server (and put decent redirecting pages in place at the old server).

One reason (among many) that I decided to move to my own domain name is that one can't engage in revenue-producing activities (such as ads or sponsorships or whatever) on an academic server - it's explicitly against the University's code.

Now that I'm at a .com address, I can do those sorts of things.

For instance (and those familiar with how the Amazon deal works can skip this), if you're looking to buy books and/or CDs and/or movies, you will be contributing some of the purchase price to the support of this site (i.e. to me) by clicking on the Amazon link on the left instead of going straight to their site. (It won't cost you any more, so hey, why not?)

And if there's a particular item I review & recommend, I'll provide a link to that item in case I'm sufficently persuasive to prompt you to buy whatever it is; those sorts of links contribute more than just going through the link on the left.

And have no fear, I'm not planning to start putting banner ads at the top of pages (animated! annoying! aagh!); I'm just going to be doing the sponsorship/associate thing.

Nor will I be recommending stuff I don't really like just to increase the chances of me, OK?

Cool weblog I recently encountered - by Laurel Krahn of Minnesota.

She's a Homicide fan! I used to be way into Homicide; all the cast changes over the years took my enthusiasm away though (I miss Bolander, Felton, Howard, & Pembleton!). I still catch it when I can, but it's no longer a MUST SEE OR ELSE show for me. At this point only NYPD Blue fits that bill.

See you sometime after the 28th. Have a happy holiday, whichever yours may be.

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