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9 December 1998
"Lighten up, Reverend. I'm just teasing you. I know what a heartfelt commitment you have to feminist ideology."
"Ha ha ha, I sure do. 'Specially like that subsection on gettin' a fella so turned around he can't say a damn word without feelin' like he's walkin' in a minefield."
-- Tulip O'Hare & Rev. Jesse Custer, Preacher #21 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (DC Comics)

Well, I'm not really 'back' a lot more plumbing work to do behind the scenes here...but, here's a new (short) installment all the same. The new design is in progress, as they say, and it will be quite different from before when I'm done... Also, I'm switching to one day per page (quicker loading, easier referencing later). I may keep month-long archive pages too, haven't decided yet - Frontier should make both equally easy to do. Suggestions? Votes? Let me know... or
A possible paradigm shift:
  • Web Advertising Doesn't Work [ClickZ Network]
    "No! For God's sake don't show me products, prices, locations and availability... I want to see BANNER ADS!"

A nice little Garrison Keillor piece on Jesse "The Governor":
  • Minnesota's excellent Ventura [Time]
    ...all week Minnesotans were feeling sort of giddy about it, like Lutherans who've drunk a little more than we meant to and now here we are singing Alley Oop and dancing on the sofa. Who woulda thunk we could get this crazy? Well. We are a state of highly repressed Scandinavians, and sometimes we like to surprise ourselves. Minnesota is a $12 billion-a-year operation, and we have taken the janitor and made him the CEO, but hey.

A book of Seinfeld-final-episode pictures isn't something I would necessarily think of buying, but this profile of the author and assortment of sample photos actually made me think about it: I like the Kramer picture in particular.
Geek Comics... from the deep dark archives of User Friendly:
And finally, a particularly resonant bonus quote:
Removing the straw that broke the camel's back does not necessarily allow the camel to walk again.

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