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16 December 1998
You stand there with your fixed expression
Casting doubt on all I have to say
-- Genesis, "The Musical Box" (Nursery Cryme)

Movie day... A Bug's Life was most excellent. 10 out of 10 on my scale. See it if you haven't already! Sneakily enough, Disney is looking to add a new set of bloopers to the end of the film: Hey, I was considering seeing it again anyway...
ANTZ was OK, but not in the same league as A.B.L. Also, it's more grown-up humor in a lot of places, so it's not necessarily as fun for kids. 6/10
Star Trek: Insurrection was fine, except for some cheap scenes (writing-wise, not budget-wise). Like, you know that scene (pick any action movie) where somebody forgot something back where the danger is and has to go back and get it, and UH-OH...? This had that. And you know how (again, pick any action movie) the main dude escapes certain death by the tiniest possible margin? Where, if anyone had hesitated for the least bit of time, or if any piece of equipment he was depending on had been a microsecond slower, he would have been toast? This had that. Other than those insults to your intelligence, it was pretty fun, in a goofy Star Trek sort of way. 5/10
Updates to the page will continue to be pretty widely spaced, and there's still a lot of design work left to do here. Busy month in ways above and beyond work too, so... see you when I see you.
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