So much to re-learn

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Inigo: I am waiting for you, Vizzini. You told me to go back to the beginning. So I have. This is where I am, and this is where I'll stay. I will not be moved.
Brute: But the Prince gave orders –
Inigo: So did Vizzini – when a job went wrong, you went back to the beginning. And this is where we got the job.
The Princess Bride, 1987

Lessons I am trying to learn again, or for the first time:

  1. It is better to publish things on your own site than on Twitter or Facebook.

    You can control it, and it can't just go away without warning. Those sites are fine for mentioning posts and for getting feedback though.

  2. Waiting for polished writing means waiting forever.

    As evidenced by my very very sparse blog output over the last several years, I am a bit fussy about what I publish here—too fussy. These days, I think I will be happy enough to have some output of just-publishable quality instead of little-to-no output of quality I feel proud of.

  3. It's okay to have an idea cross multiple posts.

    I get stuck wanting to compile everything I have to say about a thing into one comprehensive master post, and that just leads to never ever finishing.

So I'll stop here. More to come.

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I just found myself looking for the like button, or the favorite button, or the star button, or the thumbs up button or whatever. Clearly, I need to be reading more outside of mediated spaces. Glad to see you here.

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