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iMT - new beta release

Brad Choate has released a new beta of his Movable Type plugin iMT which gives iPhones/iTouches a decent mobile interface to MT.

bradchoate Just put up a fresh beta build of iMT 1.1 for Movable Type. And it supports MT 4 and 5 now: github link

Pretty excited about this actually. Regular MT doesn't play that well with the iPhone OS.

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Amazon v. Macmillan

Dear Amazon: I like you and I buy a lot from you, but you seem to have been infected with stupid.

Don't make authors angry at you, but especially don't make Scalzi angry. He is quite skilled at explaining himself.

All The Many Ways Amazon So Very Failed the Weekend by John Scalzi

Hey, you want to know how to piss off an author? It's easy: Keep people from buying their books. You want to know how to really piss them off? Keep people from buying their books for reasons that have nothing to do with them. And you know how to make them absolutely incandescent with rage? Keep people from buying their books for reasons that have nothing to do with them, and keep it a surprise until it happens. Which, as it happens, is exactly what Amazon did. As a result: Angry, angry authors. Oh so very angry.


Think about the disparity of corporate responses here. Macmillan issued a detailed statement from its CEO discussing the event and his company's reasons and rationales for acting as it did. Amazon issued an unsigned forum comment written by someone who is apparently a little shaky on Macmillan's relationship to its own product. Now, which of these two corporate responses ... appears to be the work of actual adults?

A Message from Macmillan CEO John Sargent

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