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Tales of TheLittleGuy: Signs of Subtlety

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(14 months)

Lately L has been making pancakes on Saturday mornings (with an egg- free, dairy-free mix -- surprisingly tasty). TLG has been pretty happy with them.

His first taste of syrup was a couple of weekends ago. He had finished maybe 2 torn-up pancakes, plain, and indicated he wanted another with the time-honored point-and-"Uh!"

I wanted to share a little extra goodness with him, so I broke off a piece of another pancake, dipped one edge of it in the small pool of 100% Maple Syrup on my plate, and told him that this bite would be a little different.

He took it and ate it, and had no visible reaction.

This wasn't what I was expecting... I pretty much expected some happy kicking of the feet, or an 'aaooh', or 'mmm', or a very quick request for more. Something to indicate he'd been pleasantly surprised.

But no, he just ate it like all the other bites of pancake before it, and he was in no hurry for the next bite. He gave no sign he even noticed a difference.


When he was ready for another bite, he picked up the next chunk of pancake in front of him and silently held it out to me. Aha.

I again dipped one edge in some syrup and gave it to him. Again he ate it as though nothing were different. But for every remaining bite, he held it out to me for a little touch of syrup until the pancake was all gone.

Thankfully, he hasn't insisted on syrup for everything ever since.

But I had to laugh at his unusually nonchalant yet unmistakable way of saying "yeah, ok, that was pretty good."


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Attempting to return to the state of "having a proper website".

Installed MT 4.3 and began an entirely new blog, destined to live at the root of my site. The old blog is still where it was -; it can live on there as an archive.  

Among the many impetuses (yep, looked it up, that's the right word form) for doing it this way was this post by Amber Riviere, widely linked in my twitter feed:

Maintained correctly, your blog is the one tool that will get you the most traffic, and it's the tool over which you have the most control.

The point is for businesses, but it also holds for individuals, particularly professionals.

The logical place to put a blog these days is at the root of the site. Because anyone deciding to check out my online presence is going to find the string 'nowthis', check out the default page and find ... what? a lame table of contents which I never look at and just about never update? No, better to make the home page the main page.

"It's so slow, it feels like I'm on a dial-up modem" ... "You hit the dial button and the phone just sits there, saying it's connecting for 30 seconds" ...

[AT&T] has also delayed bandwidth-heavy features like multimedia messaging, or text messages containing pictures, audio or video. It is also postponing "tethering," which allows the iPhone to share its Internet connection with a computer, a standard feature on many rival smartphones.

Oy. We're actually probably going to get iPhones next week after whatever happens with the iPod announcement on the 9th, so this is just ducky. Would love to see the exclusivity deal with AT&T just go away.

One of many reasons I'm so far out of practice doing this is, I'm awfully fussy about trying to be precise and polished with my posts. The predictable result of this, when one has a full-time job and a marriage and a very young child, is: almost no posts. 

So, going to try being less fussy and more think-out-loud-y.

More thinking out loud soon.

p.s. Comments are enabled, but at the moment require authentication (i.e. gotta create an account). That doesn't seem like exactly what I want, but I haven't looked into that part yet.

something happening

Some people would quote "For What It's Worth" at this point.

Trying the newest Movable Type, a fresh install with all the modern features the kids like.

(Am I still stuck having to have a title for every post, unless I tweak all the templates? Ugh.)

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