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A Frontier 4 script by Steve Bogart

Much like the Jump command in Frontier, FinderJump allows you to type in a path to a folder or file and have the Finder open it without mousing around to get there. It's especially useful for things deep in your directory tree with short folder names.

It's a lot like Windows 95's Start / Run command, which I've often found use for.

January 1998 Update: Once I get into the guts of Frontier 5 (February?) I'll update this and perhaps add more functionality. Also, I'll make this a fat page.


How do I get it?

Get it from one of the following links:

You also need to have Frontier set up to use the Scriptable Finder.

Suggested use:

Add a script to the menubar system.menubars.MACS with the name "Jump..." and the command key shortcut Cmd-J. For its script just have it execute one line:

suites.bogart.finderjump()   [or whatever name you gave it when you imported it]

Then, in the Finder, just press Cmd-J!

(The script can go anywhere; I just put it in a suite with my name to avoid stepping on other people's tables. Modify the code all you want; it's all fairly straightforward [rather obvious, honestly]. If you come up with enhancements, let me know!)



What now?

I know I'm breaking some interface conventions with my use of the double-slash prefix... anybody have any better ideas? Suggestions for changes? Email me at bogart@wuolin.wustl.etc

A "recent items" list (like in Frontier's Jump) has been suggested by a few folks. Great idea, but not being familiar with MacBird, it may take me a while...

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