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Some GOOD News

Wednesday, March 18th, 1998

I have news!

I was officially notified last week that I have truly been promoted to Associate Director of Computing for the Olin School, effective this month (I was Assistant Director of Computing).

In addition, I'm in the process of hiring a brand-new Assistant Director to help me out.

Things are in the process of beginning to look somewhat up!

Primarily the new job title means a, uh, noticeable jump in salary, which means that it's a bit less economically irrational for me to keep working here versus leaving for an industry job or solo consulting.

Assuming the addition of my own assistant means I'll be able to work somewhat less and even take the occasional vacation, this could return to being a job I actively enjoy a lot rather than feel dutiful (and conscience-trapped) about.

If (repeat, IF) everything works out well that way, I may well stick around here for the duration of my time in St. Louis. How long THAT will be is really the question.

I'll be here a little while yet, I think. The itch to change cities isn't that strong right now.

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