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Steve Bogart

News, Pointers & Commentary: pre-May 1997

30 April 1997  
Major site redesign in progress...

Gee, Microsoft is having to issue a patch for Outlook because Outlook was not designed to be an Internet mail package - Computerworld

What does Apple's $708 million loss really mean? Read Truth or Consequences by Rich Levin in Information Week

I think I've settled on the name Steve's Scribbles for my writings; it captures the general off-handed quality of them and also calls up the image of writing on paper...which is close to what I'll be doing since I ordered a Newton MessagePad 2000 Monday... :) I expect delivery sometime this year. I hope.

25 April 1997  
Another positive review of the new Newton, this time from the San Jose Mercury News
20 April 1997  
new Scribble: Portable Dilemma: In which the merits of various handheld solutions are contemplated
16 April 1997  
Here's a fine reality check for those convinced that Apple is shooting themselves in the foot again with respect to clone licensing: Don Crabb's Clonefusion column.
15 April 1997  
I'm still looking for a catchy title for my collection of writings; I love Dave Winer's DaveNet pieces, but it would be a bit much to copy him & call this area SteveNet...

Another name I've considered is "Webmaster Steve's Journal", not least because it would amuse me to have the same abbreviation as a big-shot newspaper. Still, I'd rather come up with something a bit more original.

14 March 1997  
new Scribble: Eve of Destruction: Thoughts on the Death of Apple
25 February 1997  
FinderJump, my first attempt at a Frontier script useful for any/all Mac users. Free.

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