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day permlink Friday, 13 July 2007

permlink Summing up the war now

Kevin Drum summarizing Matt Yglesias --

Both the American public and the Iraqi public want us to leave Iraq.

However, both the American government and the Iraqi government want us to stay.
So we're staying.

This is called "democracy promotion."

Operation Get Saddam was over a long time ago.

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Comments here are off for the time being, mostly because of comment spam. I'll look into some sort of simple security-code solution (maybe like Kevin's) someday but for right now it's simpler to shut them down.

You can send blog feedback to sbogart[YYYY]@[thisdomain].com, where YYYY = the current year. (I'm using that pattern for a few email addresses so I can abandon the address after a couple of years, when it's attracting enormous amounts of spam. We'll see how it works.)

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