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day permlink Friday, 29 June 2007

permlink Scenes from lunch

Today I stopped into Z Pizza & had a couple of slices (ZBQ & pepperoni; good stuff).

There's a flat panel tv on the wall, turned to CNN.

  • Timing: On the constant SHOUTING CRAWL at the bottom of the screen, a new headline began:


    Then the crawl was wiped out for a full-screen STOCK UPDATE placard.

    I never did find out what the surprise was.

  • Playing Telephone: Overheard from a nearby table with a hard-of-hearing elderly man and his somewhat younger companion --

    "what's that?" "A terrorist attack"
    "where?" "in London"

    And that was all they said about it.

    Of course, it wasn't a successful attack.

    But the older fellow will probably think there was a bunch of death in London today.


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