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day permlink Monday, 26 March 2007

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Like a lot of net people, I've been checking out Twitter lately, the site that munges together instant messaging, group chat, short-post blogging, journal friend-ing, custom feeds, and I'm sure a few other concepts.

I'm at (yay for uncrowded namespaces).

So anyway, since it's a little like very tiny blogging, from time to time I'll grab some of the week's twitters (really don't like their word 'tweets') and relay them here. Plus, if twitter ever dies, I won't lose everything I ever said on it.

  • Waiting for Apple to do anything to its Mac lineup. Been over 2 months since Macworld, where NOTHING happened..New Mac Pros, ever? Displays? -- I'm guessing that it's been put off long enough that they'll wait for the Mac OS X 10.5/Leopard launch and put out new hardware to go along with it.

  • Added CNN & CNNBreakingNews as twitterbuds (that is, 'cnn' & 'cnnbrk'). Much less intrusive than getting them as emails, which I quit long ago.

  • Comics: Finished Fables 58, very good. Buffy VIII #1 was ok. Jack of Fables 8, eh. Strangers in Paradise 88, good.

  • (3/17) Enjoying listening to the Nats stomp the Mets, 13-1 in the eighth.

  • Listening to a new Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs track off this month's Paste Magazine sampler CD. Is good.

  • Looking at the call for volunteers for Potomac Watershed Cleanup -

  • I love the webcomic XKCD. "Are you a blogger? I play one of you at our festivals!"

  • Huh. I didn't expect that adding /johnedwards to my follow-list would be reciprocated. That must be soooome feed.

  • Duke St. WholeFoods in Alexandria: thumbs up. Well lit, well designed, etc. Except they put their cheeses in four different places.

  • Free-blog-site Pitas is still around. Who knew?

  • Horrified by this week's american idol -- (This is pretty true every week now -- when they hit the top 12, the stupid scripted banter got cranked way up, and the host & judges can't even deliver it with a straight face anymore; on their faces you can see the naked loathing they have for the writers. Also, Sanjaya should go - he was charming and sympathetic in the beginning, but at this point he's just outclassed; let him go, people.)

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