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day permlink Saturday, 10 February 2007

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  • Sunday night, The Police will reunite to open the Grammy Awards [BBC]. w00t.

  • A while back I heard Genesis is getting back together, for a free concert in Rome and a US tour in the fall. Huh.

  • There's a site for the Stardust movie which has been abandoned for a different concept; Neil Gaiman got permission to host it locally, so: Stardust's Unofficial Teaser Site

  • Super Bowl notes:

    • I thought Billy Joel's Star Spangled Banner was a fine rendition.
    • Liked: Bud Light's 'auctioneer wedding' ad.
    • Didn't like:'s stupid, sexist 'marketing dept.' ad, shown three times. I did think it was pretty well answered by Chevy's funny gender-reversed 'our cars make men strip and writhe against them' spot.
    • Liked: Coke's "Grand Theft Auto"-reversal ad, where the avatar doesn't kill or carjack or rob anybody. What a concept...
    • I was led to believe there would be an Apple ad, maybe something to do with the Beatles, but didn't see one.
    • Loved the opening play (92-yard run for a touchdown). Too bad the Bears couldn't keep it up.
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